05/18/2012 10:41 am ET

The 10 Most Important Things I've Learned About Working In My 20s

As part of an ongoing series about youth in the office, I've written and published several pieces about how the Millennial generation is experiencing the workplace. Recently, in response, one young woman emailed me about my own experience, writing:

I read your articles on Forbes and am very intrigued by your work. I am a 21-year-old, freshly graduated (December 2011) professional that was lucky enough to get a job straight out of college. Since you do your work on women professionals, I was wondering if maybe you could give me a few tips/comments on what you would advise people my age to do to get to where you are. I am a go-getter, which it seems you are, too. I work in the Human Resources department at Cooper Tire and Rubber Company in Findlay, Ohio. Being in a male-dominated manufacturing environment is tough sometimes, but I aspire to be extremely successful and have no doubt I will get there. I am still really young, but I just read your article on why 20-something’s need to be taken seriously and just was looking for a few pointers on how you did things to get to be where you are today.

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