05/19/2012 11:43 am ET

G8 Summit 2012: Top Protests Of Past Decade (PHOTOS)

While activists won’t be officially invited to the table of G8 leaders at Camp David this weekend, they will certainly make sure their voices are heard.

The designated leaders will address some of the world’s most pressing issues, but protesters –- as they have in the past -- will also use this highly publicized stage to air their grievances and share what issues they believe deserve the most attention.

Here at HuffPost Impact, we’ve invited some of the leading humanitarian nonprofits to our platform to call on the G8 leaders to tackle the problems they think are most concerning. We’ve had some lively discussions, including a blog post by Save the Children about how best to address to chronic malnutrition and a piece by America Near East Refugee Aid, which talked about the need to include water in the food security conversation.

At the scene of the actual summit, some protests have already taken shape. Oxfam activists wore masks representing the G8 leaders at the White House and Occupy DC members hope to highlight the disparities between America’s upper and middle class.

As activists gear up to offer their point of view, let’s take a look back at a decade of demonstrations at the G8 to see what has been addressed from year’s past and what still needs to be tackled.