05/19/2012 11:21 am ET

LISTEN: Your Fearless Playlist -- Be Fearless In Love!

Hurting from a breakup? Want to tell your so-called "significant other" to eff off? On the prowl for a new main squeeze? This playlist has your back!

Yep, this one has it all: songs about getting rid of your emotional baggage (Dara Maclean's "Suitcases"). Songs about putting your soon-to-be-ex's stuff "in a box to the left" (Beyoncé's "Irreplaceable"). Songs about how you are totally good-looking and awesome and above most of the idiots you date (Xtina's "Beautiful"). It has a song from the late, extremely great Donna Summer ("Enough Is Enough"). It even has a song for when you're ready to get back out there again (Jody Watley's "Looking for a New Love"). It's everything a hurting heart could ask for -- aside from a fresh box of Kleenex, that is.