05/20/2012 05:50 am ET Updated Jul 20, 2012

Wolfgang Schaeuble: 'It's Up To Greece To Abide By Its Obligations'

BERLIN, May 20 (Reuters) - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Greece's exit from the euro zone could definitely be prevented but that it was up to Greece to abide by its agreements.

"European solidarity isn't a one-way street," Schaeuble told Bild am Sonntag newspaper. "You can't have one without the other. If anyone in Greece thinks that's the case, then they're massively fooling themselves and the voters."

Amid discussions in Germany and elsewhere about a possible Greek exit from the euro zone, Schaueble was asked if that could still be prevented: "Naturally! Because that's exactly the goal we had in mind when we agreed to the extensive rescue efforts and reform programmes that free the country for years from having to get loans in financial markets.

"Now it's up to Greece to abide by its obligations," he said.

Schaeuble said he hoped that Greece would have a stable government as soon as possible.

"The current situation is causing public uncertainty. That's exactly what political leaders shouldn't do."