05/20/2012 11:15 am ET Updated May 21, 2012

'Lazy Sunday' 2: Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell Reprise First 'SNL' Digital Short

Along with saying goodbye to Kristen Wiig on this weekend's 37th "Saturday Night Live" finale, fans bore witness to another touchstone moment in the show's history: the return of "Lazy Sunday."

The very first digital short (OK, it's technically the second, but the first one to take off) and one of the first viral YouTube videos that started it all, "Lazy Sunday" finally got a sequel of sorts by Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell dubbed "Lazy Sunday 2."

The rap starts out much like the first one did nearly seven years ago, with Samberg waking up late on a Sunday and asking "Parns" to hang out (only this time, it's "Sister Act" on Broadway instead of "The Chronicles Of Narnia" movie).

They're a little bit older (they sneak Vermouth into the theater instead of Mr. Pibb) and a little bit wiser (they're totally right about Magnolia) but other than that they're pretty much the same hardcore rapping, leisurely weekend theater-goers. Watch the video above.