05/22/2012 09:40 pm ET

123D Catch App By AutoDesk Renders Gorgeous Images In 3D (VIDEO)

Do you have an webcam-equipped iPad and love taking tons of photos of the same thing? Then this app's for you.

AutoDesk's 123D Catch photo app for iPad lets you to take photos of objects and assembles them into a 3D image of the orignal subject.

According to CNET's Roger Chen, users must take about 40 photos of the object from varying angles. AutoDesk then grabs these photos and uses an algorithm to translate them into a movable, zoomable 3D image. The entire process takes about 10 minutes to render.

Pretty awesome, right?

Aside from the obvious cool factor of being able to zoom in and out of and turn any photographable object on an axis, you can also send data from the app to a 3D printer and create a miniature model of your original subject.

Catch 123D launched last fall for Windows only. AutoDesk updated the software earlier this month and rolled out an iPad app.

The company is perhaps best known for its AutoCAD 3D-modeling software, often used by architecture firms and car design companies. But unlike the AutoCAD software, with prices in the thousands, 123D Catch is free.

Aside from the 3D rendering app, AutoDesk also offers 123D Sculpt, a digital clay sculpting program that's also available as an iPhone app called 123D Make.



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