05/21/2012 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Girl Gives Father Funny Note About Aging After He Asks Her To Pop Old Birthday Balloons

When it comes to communicating with parents, some kids have no qualms about putting their grievances in writing. The resulting notes -- often slightly menacing, and nearly always littered with cryptic misspellings -- toe the line between inappropriateness and pure hilarity.

"If you put a pas w word on that I will make your life a nitmare," a computer-happy 7-year-old girl recently admonished her mom and dad, for example.

The latest piece of eccentric children's correspondence to make the rounds online is no less frank or error-ridden than past viral hits -- but it's getting noticed because the author delivers a surprisingly sophisticated messaged.

When one dad, who goes by simonhac on Twitter, asked his children to pop a batch of old balloons that were lying around their house, his 8-year-old wrote him the following deadpan response: "Would you like it if just because you were old you got poped."

Wise words from a child who has yet to face the reality of getting old -- but seems to know a little something about empathy, gratitude and aging, nonetheless.

Image from simonhac via yfrog. Via Jezebel and Boing Boing



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