05/21/2012 08:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Decor Ideas: How To Create A Staircase Photo Gallery In Your Home (VIDEO)

The Homeowners: Deena and Daniel Rosenberg

The Dilemma: The walls that line staircases are perfect for displaying photographs. However, the staircase is also often an easily overlooked spot in the home, and this was exactly the case for the Rosenbergs. Their staircase had two expansive flanking walls that were perfect "blank canvases" for hanging photos, but instead they were left completely bare.

The Fix: The Rosenbergs' staircase was flanked by two walls that were big -- and bare.

The Solution: Taking advantage of the empty "canvas" by turning the walls into a gallery for framed photos. To eliminate the hassle of precise measuring, a salon-style arrangement was chosen. This involves grouping pictures together, instead of aligning them in a row.

To start, one photo was chosen to act as the focal point and then other pictures were casually hung up around it. Since most people will be traveling up and down the stairs, it was okay to not be too precise with positioning.

The biggest appeal of a salon-style arrangement is the ease in arrangement (think of each photo as a "puzzle piece"), but it also adds more impact. Think about it: A row of framed photos would only emphasize the large expanse of the wall, visually. But in a clustered salon-style, the same number of pictures take up more wall space, which feels more in-scale with the large walls here.

To make the arrangement seem unified, an all-white palette was used for the frames. While mixing-and-matching adds charm, the monochromatic looks feel more sophisticated.

Editor's Note: This article contains advice that worked for one homeowner. Your home decor preferences and floor plan layout may vary.

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