05/18/2012 07:25 pm ET Updated Jul 21, 2012

Fake Muni Ads Popping Up All Over Town (PHOTOS)

Now that's its been scientifically proven that time on Muni moves slower than on the rest of the planet (one Muni minute can equal up to 119 Earth seconds), it's important for people riding on San Francisco's beleaguered public transit service to have something to do.

Other than masturbate, steal iPhones and masturbate, the most common activity for onboard time-wasting is reading the advertisements.


We know, they're riveting.

However, those ads just got a whole lot more interesting this week after an unidentified prankster (or group of pranksters) started posting gloriously filthy fake ads on buses all across the city. Naturally, our friends over at Muni Diaries have been following the developments with aplomb.

Ads in the series have trumpeted Cum Tums ("For the frequent c*cksucker"), Fartine Bakery Cafe, Du Beers ("Staging Bl*wjobs since 1923") and one asking patrons if they've "been down on a Marine lately?".

As SFBay notes, a version of the Marine ad previously appeared on Muni four years ago.

Have you seen any more ads in the series first-hand? Let us know in the comments, and in the mean time, take a look at the four fake ads below (warning: NSFW content):

Filthy Muni Ads