05/22/2012 10:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Former Flight Attendant Turns Entrepreneur And Makes $4 Million In One Year

Sandy Stein of West Hills, CA, had been a flight attendant for 34 years when she decided she needed to try something else. Her husband had lost three jobs and Sandy was only flying part time, and with a family to feed, that part time salary was just not cutting it. So Sandy looked above and asked her late father for guidance.

In a dream, Sandy's father described to her a very simple invention that could make her rich. He described a simple hook with a charm that would hang onto the side of woman's purse so that her keys would be suspended inside the bag and always be easy to access. It was a very simple idea, but Sandy recognized the potential.

The idea stuck with her and she tried to think of a good name. When the name "Finders Key Purse" came to her, she decided she simply had to pursue it. She asked her husband, who had worked in the gift and souvenir business to help her make a prototype and soon she had a finished product in hand. When she showed it to friends and acquaintances, they all liked it, but they thought she might be able to sell a few hundred here or there. Sandy was convinced otherwise.

Enlisting the help of all her flight attendant friends, she soon mobilized a travelling sales force to get the product out there and within no time Finders Key Purse was being sold in all 50 states. She had been told it would never work. She had been told the idea was crazy. But Sandy didn't listen and in her first year she made $4 million.

Former Flight Attendant Scores Big

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