05/21/2012 03:09 pm ET

Kate Moss Snubbed By Croydon 'Walk Of Fame' Nominations

Kate Moss has many fans, from fashion editors and stylists to, um, this guy.

But it seems Croydon, the town that birthed the famous model, is less than proud of its former denizen. According to the Guardian, the London suburb has selected three famous residents to be honored in a "Walk of Fame," i.e. life-sized portraits to be displayed in the town center along a newly built path.

Residents of Croydon are being asked to pick three famous names out of a list of ten nominees. So who made the cut? The list includes BAFTA-winning actress Peggy Ashcroft, comedian Ronnie Corbett, composer Samuel Coleridge Taylor... but no one by the name of Kate Moss.

Not to diminish the achievements of Corbett, Ashcroft, Coleridge Taylor and the rest of the nominees... but who's got the most famous face? Which Croydon celebrity has earned the most name recognition across the globe?

Alas sheer celebrity doesn't seem to be the only qualification. The online poll asks residents to pick the people "who make you most proud of where you live" -- perhaps Croydonites aren't proud of coke scandals, temper tantrums and noisy late night partying.

See who's nominated at and give yourself a refresher as to why Kate is one of the most glamorous faces to ever grace Croydon, below.

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