05/21/2012 11:29 am ET

Kon Trubkovich, Russian-Born Artist, Paints Static 'Transmission' Series (PHOTOS)

From smartphones to closed-circuit surveillance systems, these days it seems a rare occurrence not to be on camera. But does ubiquitous screen time capture life's details or blur them? Kon Trubkovich, a Russian-born, New York-based artist, has made a name for himself by incorporating video glitches into his paintings.

For his "Transmission" series, Trubkovich made paintings of paused video stills, capturing glitches and blurry ghosts of images down to the pixel. The result is a willfully distorted yet oddly familiar reality, rendered using carefully placed brushstrokes.

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Trubkovich, born 1979, had his first solo exhibition at Museum 52 in May 2007. His artist biography for that show referenced Jasper Johns' idea of "…do something, do something to that, and then do something to that," giving context to Trubkovich's practice of habitual re-appropriation.

Trubkovich's "Leap Second," a collection of the artist's latest work in video, painting and sound installation, opened at Los Angeles' OHWOW Gallery May 18.

The exhibition, which Post New described as "his most personal to date," includes large-scale portraits of Trubkovich's mother taken from footage of the family's final party in the U.S.S.R. before emigrating to the United States.

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Kon Trubkovich Paints Static