05/21/2012 05:19 pm ET Updated May 21, 2012

National Vegetarian Week 2012: Celebrate U.K. Holiday With Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals (PHOTOS)

It's National Vegetarian Week in the U.K., and one great way to spread awareness of the impact of a meat-free lifestyle is with a slideshow of adorable baby animal photos.

While factory farming leads to the mistreatment and slaughter of countless animals, it's also crucial to recognize that many other species are hunted for other reasons -- whether its their ivory or horns, or simply for sport.

That's why there are also some uncommon faces included in the slideshow. Their rights are important, too, even if you don't see them around the average barnyard.

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For those who'd like some food for thought during National Vegetarian Week, consider a four-year study by Oxford University researchers which found that "death rates were lower in non-meat-eaters than in meat eaters."

In 2010, the United Nations urged a worldwide shift toward vegan and vegetarian diets to combat hunger, poverty and climate change, according to the Guardian.

For those interested in adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, a good place to start is Meatless Monday, a global initiative to combat the "prevalence of preventable illnesses associated with excessive meat consumption." Readers can find recipes and other resources on the website.

Another great resource for all things meatless is Ellen Kanner, a syndicated columnist and food writer, who regularly shares her thoughts on vegetarianism and veganism on her Huffington Post blog.

And as an added bonus, check out the National Vegetarian Week playlist curated by HuffPost Comedy U.K.

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National Vegetarian Week 2012: Baby Animals