05/21/2012 10:42 am ET

One Direction Racks Up $22,000 In Phone Bills While On Tour

The boys of One Direction got more than just mobs of screaming fans and sold-out-in-minutes shows on their recent world tour -- the group also reportedly racked up a whopping $22,000 in cell phone bills!

Perhaps it's time for the boys to start being more careful about tweeting their every thought while on international roaming?

"In the end they got called in for a meeting and given a lecture on finances, and how to handle their money. It is vital wealth does not go to their heads. Their bills got signed off and the boys will not be making the same mistake again," the anonymous source told the Daily Mirror.

Let's hope not -- especially since the guys just embarked on another international journey. In what is sure to garner a Beatles-like response of epic proportions, One Direction has finally crossed the pond for the American leg of their world tour. The guys left yesterday for Connecticut and will be away from friends and family until the end of June. According the British tabloids, the departure was particularly difficult for Louis, who was spotted in an emotional farewell moment with girlfriend Eleanor Calder at Heathrow airport.

And while the guys will have to watch their phones bills when they're in America, Camryn -- the adorable, blonde 12-year-old American singer who will be joining the band on tour -- will have to watch her back for jealous 1D fans. Already the target of legions of Twitter haters, Camryn calmly tweeted in response: "if it makes you feel better im waaaay too young for them! haha <3."

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