05/22/2012 04:15 pm ET Updated May 23, 2012

Chicago's Best Kabobs: Data Shows Growing Warm-Weather Food Trend (PHOTOS)

While we all have our favorite go-to summer meals, a first-rate foodie city like Chicago certainly welcomes some experimentation, too. And according to a recent survey of national ordering trends on GrubHub, Americans (including us) are adopting a new warm-weather treat at a breakneck pace.

Compared to spring and summer 2011, hot dog purchases have (gasp!) declined by more than 10 percent on GrubHub, while kabobs have grown in order popularity by 27 percent since 2011, according to GrubHub's data analysis.

Chicagoans are in line with this national trend, and we're snapping up the skewered meat-and-veggie treat at an especially high rate at six local hotspots -- though the treat's growing popularity apparently wasn't enough to keep Skewerz, one Wicker Park spot that served them up, afloat.

Working with GrubHub's local ordering data, we rounded up Chicago's favorite places to grab kabobs across the city. Did we miss your favorite place to pick up this trendy dish? Tell us about it in the comments.

Chicago's Best Kabob