05/22/2012 02:22 pm ET

The Cupcakewurst: An Unholy Hybrid Of Sausage And Cupcake

Ever wish your cupcake was more like a sausage? Personally, we prefer to keep them separate, but if you've been hoping for more cake in meat-tube form, today is your lucky day.

Meet the Cupcakewurst: a cupcake baked and grilled in a sausage casing, drizzled with raspberry "ketchup" and stuffed into a long, thin doughnut split down the middle. You can thank the nice people at The Cupcake Project for this creation.

The team at The Cupcake Project went to great lengths to bring you this meat cake, including exploding sausage cakes on the grill, and figuring out what makes the best sausage casing, which they've aptly described as "a cross between a giant slippery noodle and a condom." Check out the step-by-step photos and whole story to ensure your Cupcakewursts don't meet the same untimely demise.