05/22/2012 11:43 am ET

Julian Kurita Guilty: New York Sushi Chef Who Nearly Decapitated Father Is Convicted Of Murder

An Upper West Side sushi chef was convicted Monday of brutally murdering his father at the dinner table in 2010, The Associated Press reports.

33-year-old Julian Kurita faces life in prison when he is sentenced on July 10th.

Kurita killed his father, 70-year-old Fumitaka "Frank" Kurita, by slashing his neck with a fish knife, just as Frank was taking a bite of spaghetti inside their apartment on West 87th Street.

Kurita then slashed his own wrists before calmly calling 9-1-1(listen to the call below). When emergency responders arrived, he told them that his father "deserved it."

"He used to f--k me up when I was kid," Kurita said, according to DNAinfo. "And he used to try to rape me and I was abused."

Kurita also admitted to going off his psychiatric medication prior to the murder due to problems with his insurance.

His lawyer argued that Kurita had long suffered mental illness and didn't know that he was doing something wrong.

A jury Monday, however, didn't buy it, instead siding with the prosecutor, who according to the Daily News, argued Kurita killed his father and slit his own wrists in a twisted Oedipal ploy to win the sympathy of his mother.

"He figured in two or three months he's out of the hospital, dad's out of the way and it's back to me and mom," said Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon. "The way things used to be."

Kurita was formerly a sushi sous chef for Credit Suisse.