05/22/2012 06:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Peyton Manning Pokes Fun At Reporter After First Broncos OTA (VIDEO)

After spending last season on the sidelines, Peyton Manning is back on the field. The four-time NFL MVP is practicing with the Denver Broncos. He's hitting his targets. He's getting familiar with his Broncos teammates. And he's even getting acquainted with the Denver media.

After the Broncos' first OTA on Monday, which was his first full practice in over a year, Manning had a little fun with a reporter who asked if it's "weird looking up to" a taller quarterback, referring to rookie Brock Osweiler who is listed at 6-7 (Manning is listed at 6-5).

Reporter: "That didn't happen too often did it?"

Manning: "It happens to you all your life, huh."

The rest of the reporters broke into laughter as Manning said that the relatively diminutive reporter set himself up for that joke. Manning then condescendingly patted him on the head. Perhaps this reporter should call Eli's "Little Brother" program.