05/22/2012 06:43 pm ET Updated May 22, 2012

Ralph Rucci: Dressing Kim Kardashian 'Bastardizing Yourself' As A Designer

What happens when three fashion powerhouses come together for an industry chat? You get lots of juicy insider info and a bit of trash talking.

Andre Leon Talley, The Daily Beast's Robin Givhan and fashion designer Ralph Rucci gathered down in Georgia this past weekend for a speaking engagement at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Our friends over at attended the event and reported back on all the juiciest sound bytes from their talk.

After some chit chat on how the internet is affecting fashion, disrespectful Hollywood stylists and the overuse of the word "couture" -- the discussion turned to this year's Met Gala. This is when they get to the good stuff!

First of all, as perfectly magical as Beyonce looked her sheer body-hugging Givenchy gown at the Gala, it wasn't even suppose to happen.

"Beyonce was not slated to come," Andre revealed. "She decided to come last minute when the dress arrived at her house. She tried it on and then she said, ‘okay, I have to come.’ She did arrive at 8:55 and the ball had already started but it didn’t matter because she is Beyonce."

Obvi! And it's no wonder she was late, Andre said it took 350 hours (aka 14.5 days) to sew. Wowzas!

But if you think that's shocking, you haven't heard anything yet.

When Robin asked Ralph if he would ever dress reality star Kim Kardashian, he sharply replied:

"No, I think that’s bastardizing yourself [as a designer]."

Eek! That's gotta hurt. Plus, Kim didn't even get to attend the Met Gala with her new beau Kanye West thanks to Vogue's editrix Anna Wintour putting the kabosh on her invite. Double burn!

Check out the dazzling stars that were invited to the Met Gala in the slideshow below.

Met Gala 2012