05/22/2012 02:35 pm ET

World Goth Day Is Here! Check Out These Celebs Who Have Gone 'Goth' (PHOTOS)

Happy World Goth Day!

Er, not happy? We've never been into goth subculture ourselves, but we know it's not full of happy-go-lucky rainbows and sunshine. Although goth may date back to the '70s punk rock scene, goth-influenced style has been infiltrating wardrobes for decades since via dog collars, black lipstick, dark leather and all things spiky.

The dark makeup and choker necklaces had their heyday in the late '90s Marilyn Manson era. But the influences live on, with modern celebs taking inspiration. Some have gone for full-on black leather and spooky makeup (see: Taylor Momsen's entire musical career). Others played it safer with just a swipe of now-trendy dark lipstick.

Nearly all, of course, top it off with that signature scowl -- check some of our fave goth-inspired celebs from the past decade(ish) below. Happy Brooding World Goth Day!

Celebs Try The Goth Look