05/23/2012 03:44 am ET

'16 & Pregnant': Young Father Apologizes To Infant Son After Losing His Job (VIDEO)

While many episodes of "16 & Pregnant" (Tue., 10 p.m. ET on MTV) feature young fathers who are ill-prepared for parenthood, or worse. Many of them disappear on the new mothers all together. It's a cautionary series about the struggles that most teen parents face, but the latest installment was downright inspirational.

It was a rare positive installment of the show, featuring Colin, a young father who was so involved in the process he broke down crying after he got laid off. This was shortly after the baby was born, leading to a heartbreaking scene as Colin apologized to his infant son for failing him.

Devon, the baby's mother, was supportive of Colin, helping him to keep his spirits up. It was a rare treat for viewers to see a couple being so supportive and sensible about the situation they've found themselves in. With Colin's support, Devon is able to be a better mom, and focus on her aspirations, according to The Stir.

For even better news, Devon Tweeted after the show that she and Colin have been able to get a place of their own, so it looks like this couple is headed in the right direction.

It looks like the drama and craziness is back in time for the "16 & Pregnant" season finale, though, next Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.



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