05/23/2012 06:04 pm ET Updated May 23, 2012

Left At The Altar: Steven Silverstein, Jilted Groom, Sues Former Fiancee Kendra Platt-Lee

Ditching someone right before you're set to tie the knot definitely has repercussions -- especially when you've stood up the groom-to-be twice.

On Tuesday, jilted groom Steven Silverstein sued his former fiancee, Kendra Platt-Lee, for half of what he'd spent on the two weddings they'd planned. The couple never went through with the nuptials because Platt-Lee called them off, reports the New York Post.

Silverstein, a New York consulting firm exec, is asking his runaway bride for nearly $50,000 -- which, he said, includes her share of the rent for the Upper East side apartment they shared for 15 months, as well as the down payment for their now-cancelled Sept. 22 wedding.

According to the groom, he had already paid the deposit -- a whopping $16,359 -- to reserve their wedding venue at The Allegria Hotel in Long Island. Silverstein told the New York Daily News that he expected Platt-Lee to pay half of the deposit for the venue, as well as half for the other wedding services, including the band, the DJ, the photographer and the videographer.

While the former bride-to-be hasn't made any efforts pay Silverstein back, Platt-Lee did return the $32,000 diamond engagement ring Silverstein gave her after breaking up with him over the phone in April.

And it doesn't seem like this conflict will be solved any time soon. On Tuesday, Platt-Lee told the New York Daily News that she thought her relationship with Silverstein ended “amicably." “We settled this,” she said. “I don’t owe him any money.”

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