05/23/2012 05:38 pm ET

Memorial Day 2012: What's Your Summer Resolution?

Memorial Day weekend isn't technically the first weekend of summer, but let's be real: School's out, folks.

If, like us, you've spent the spring working really, really hard and perhaps not fulfilling your New Year's resolutions or spring-cleaning dreams with quite the focus and attention you had planned, we thought it might be a good idea to give the whole resolution thing another go. Except a summer resolution, we feel, should be a slightly different beast -- not a beast at all, in fact. What if, instead of making resolutions that involve fixing ourselves, we all resolved to have a little more fun -- to be a little more adventurous, do things we're passionate about, opt in to the impromptu weekend away or other adventure? So weekend in Barcelona, anyone?

We polled our staff for their summer resolutions, which you'll find below, and now we'd like to hear yours. Tweet yours @HuffPostWomen using the hashtag #SummerResolution, and we'll include it in the slideshow. Happy (early) summer!

LOOK: Our #SummerResolutions

Our #SummerResolutions