05/23/2012 03:42 pm ET

Mia Michaels On Teaching Tom Cruise To Dance

Mia Michaels from "So You Think You Can Dance" has worked with everyone from Celine Dion to Madonna, and now the choreographer is teaching Tom Cruise some moves for the upcoming film "Rock of Ages."

"It was crazy working with Catherine Zeta Jones and Tom Cruise on the film," Mia told me on the set of "New York Live." "Working with all of [the cast] -- especially Tom and Catherine Zeta -- changed my life. Tom really did, because he comes and he's not a dancer at all. But what affected me more than anything is the way he approaches his craft. And being in Hollywood, it's a hit or miss about seeing people that are really about the art. With him, he is relentless and you have to be right there with him."

Mia says that Tom wasn't just interested in getting the moves right. She says he wants to master everything he chooses to do.

"I love him," Mia gushed. "Tom would be with me for about four hours working, and then he would go to his vocal lessons and then guitar lessons. I mean, when he decided to take on Stacee Jaxx [his character in the film], he took him on."

So I had to ask, can Tom dance now? "Yes, yes," said Mia. "He transformed himself, his body, his everything. He's a dancer, he's a singer, he's not only an amazing actor, but I will go so far as saying I believe he could be Oscar-winning for this role."