05/23/2012 07:19 pm ET

Moby On Los Angeles Architecture: 'Simple And Nice' (VIDEOS)

"Every now and then I like to back away from the strangeness of LA and take pictures of houses and things that are just simple and nice," says Moby.

No stranger to the LA music and vegan restaurant scene, Moby is also one of this city's no-so-secret architecture buffs. His blog, Moby Los Angeles Architecture (MLAA) is not only articulate and witty, but it is also a great lens through which to view a city full of myriad place, spaces and styles.

A self-labeled house stalker, Moby writes on his blog, "Most of the houses in the Hollywood Hills present fairly tough phalanx-like facades to the street, but they open up with walls of glass to the gigantic views."

He continues, "Someday maybe someone will let me into their house to actually take pictures of the parts of the houses that don’t look like bunkers."

We guarantee after you watch these openly-geeky videos about Moby and his fascination with architecture, you'll hope that one day you see him outside of your house, just so you can invite him in for some tea.

You'll also get a nice glimpse of his Hollywood Hills property Wolf's Lair when you watch.