05/23/2012 06:08 pm ET

Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Academy Of Arts Visit Had The Best Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Bored with Cannes? Tired of all the "What To Expect When You're Expecting" premieres? Well have we got a good red carpet for you.

Today Queen Elizabeth II visited the Royal Academy Of Arts, an event that brought out an eclectic group of British celebs.

Fashionistas like Agyness Deyn, Sarah Burton and Vivienne Westwood made an appearance, as did Bono and Paul McCartney. There were wild hats on the red carpet, including a giant feather-covered swan, and Joan Collins looking fabulous as ever.

The most surprising sight of all, however, was the queen's naked head. We didn't realize until this very moment how rarely Queen Elizabeth bares her head without a hat, crown or hairnet (yes, hairnet) atop it.

So where was the royal's headgear? Lily Cole might know. The model/actress popped up at the event with a tiara on. Trying to upstage the queen, hmm?

Check out the awesomeness that was Queen Elizabeth's Royal Academy Of Arts fete.