05/23/2012 07:13 pm ET

Sakia David, Mother Of Child Put In Washing Machine, Says Son Was Under Babysitter's Care (VIDEO)

A young boy who became trapped inside a running washing machine at a New jersey laundromat was allegedly in the care of a babysitter, according to a new report from WPVI-TV.

The station spoke with Sakia David, a woman who said she recognized her son and his babysitter while watching footage of the May 11 incident.

Surveillance video from a Camden, N.J., laundromat was posted to YouTube and promptly began generating buzz as viewers watched a man place the child inside the machine, shut the door and immediately begin to panic when the machine turned on and the door could not be opened.

David told WPVI she later confronted the babysitter about the clip, but the woman denied it was her.

In the same interview, David later said that she had not spoken with the babysitter.

But NBC Philadelphia reports that police interviewed the babysitter and that she admitted to being the woman in the video.

The station also reported that police "have not yet confirmed nor denied the mother's claims."

Jason Laughlin, a spokesperson from the Camden County prosecutor's told CNN that while the the man did not make an "intelligent choice," the couple in the video weren't criminally liable.

Police were initially working to identify the people in the surveillance video in order to ensure the boy was in stable condition, WCAU reports. The incident was reported to the Division of Youth and Family Services.