05/23/2012 08:54 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

14 Strange Craigslist Ads Of The Week (PHOTOS)

Well, it's official. Craigslist may have become the graveyard for all of life's creepy things waiting to be sold to the next unfortunate person. This week's batch of weird gems found on Craigslist does not disappoint. One vendor is selling a life-size John Wayne statue that is promised to, "aggravate your wife," while another offers rusty weightlifting equipment, because who doesn't want the thrilling possibility of contracting tetanus while working out? These are just a few of this week's, um, diamonds in the rough. To see the rest, just click through the slideshow below for 12 more outlandish things we found on Craigslist this week.

14 Weird Craigslist Finds