05/23/2012 04:54 pm ET Updated May 29, 2012

David Guggenheim, Famed Marine Biologist, Kept Away From Wife For Nearly A Month After Mysterious Attack

For almost a month, authorities kept famed marine biologist and so-called "ocean doctor" David Guggenheim from seeing his wife after she was brutally attacked in the couple's Washington, D.C. apartment.

The Washington Post reported that police filed court documents claiming Svetlana Guggenheim let them know her husband had attacked her.

Now, she has no recollection of writing a note, holding her husband responsible for the beating. She still cannot speak because of feeding and breathing tubes. She communicates mostly through notes, according to the paper.

Though he's now able to see his wife, Guggenheim told the "Today" show that he believes police consider himself a suspect in the attack that left his wife with a fractured skull and left eye-socket and bruises on her arms.

The marine biologist, who has been featured on TV discussing the BP oil spill and other environmental topics, came home to find police searching his apartment on Tuesday.

Police have declined to comment on the ongoing investigation, according to the Post.

"This was inhumane to allow Svetlana to wake up from this injury, isolated from the people she needs the most around her," Guggenheim told "Today." He said his stepdaughter was also previously barred by police from seeing her mother.

As Guggenheim continues to maintain his innocence, offering police copies of travel receipts and other evidence he says prove he could not have attacked his wife, Guggenheim told ABC News he doesn't know what he would tell his wife's assailant.

"I wouldn't speak to that person," he said. "I don't know what I would say."



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