05/23/2012 05:16 pm ET

Top Dog Names For Pets Ranked By Breed

From Vetstreet's Kristen Seymour:

Whether it's a baby or a puppy, a lot of thought goes into selecting just the right name for a new family member. Sometimes, a pick is so perfect, in fact, that everyone wants it.

Case in point: When it comes to the names that owners are choosing for puppies and kittens, our data revealed that Max is a top pick for males, while Bella easily nabs the top slot for female names — thanks to all the Twilight hoopla.

This led us to wonder whether the trend holds true for the 10 most popular dog breeds in America. Are there just as many Dachshunds named Bella racing around the dog run as Golden Retrievers? Is the name Max as popular with Bulldog owners as with those who love Boxers?

Drum roll . . . Max is indeed a popular pick across the board — but not nearly as much as Bella, which is the #1 female name for every single breed in our top 10 list. Check out Vetstreet's slideshow to see if any of your favorite names made the list!

List and captions courtesy of Vetstreet.

Most popular dog names by breed

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