05/24/2012 11:08 am ET Updated May 24, 2012

Alex Kenjeev, University Of Toronto Law School Grad, Pays Off $114,000 Student Loan Balance In Cash

For many law school graduates, it takes over a decade of steady monthly payments by check or automatic bank withdrawals to pay off student loans.

Not Alex Kenjeev, from Montreal, who decided to pay off the $114,000 balance (on a $190,000 loan) to the University of Toronto in cash "to get a few laughs," reports Business Insider.

His bank wasn't amused. It turned down his initial withdrawal request and explained that he'd have to pay a fee to have that amount transported by armored truck. Eventually, they relented. He picked up his cash, threw the bills into a canvas bag and walked two blocks to the bank that held his loan.

"I just plopped the bag down (on the counter)," Kenjeev told BI. "They also didn't know how to handle it. At first the manager didn't want to accept the money."

After the bank finally accepted his payment, Kenjeev posted a photo of the receipt on Facebook, reports the Daily Mail. After the photo was posted on Reddit, it inspired a flood of comments, one of which compared Kenjeev to a Utah man who was fined and charged with disorderly conduct for paying a $25 medical bill with pennies.

Kenjeev, who runs venture capital firm O'Leary Ventures, has yet to be charged with anything.