05/24/2012 11:23 am ET

Girls Learning How To Say Popsicle Are Adorable And Inspirational (VIDEO)

Popsicles may be a summer essential, but eating them is, well, easier done than said.

In the video above, young Brooke tries to teach another, equally adorable, little girl how to pronounce "popsicle" -- but Brooke isn't exactly an expert herself. "Pock-i-ble" she says slowly. Then, faster...."pocky-dle!" Not quite, but at least her mispronunciation yields more G-rated results than this 2-year-old's attempt to say "vacuum."

By the end of the video, uploaded by YouTube user Photomatic951, both girls get closer to saying the word properly -- and everyone watching (at least, here in our office) gets to laugh out loud.

In fact, Buzzfeed rates the cuteness level of this video on par with Charlie (we're thinking as in "bit my finger"... not Sheen.)