05/24/2012 06:33 pm ET

Gord Shurvell, Fisherman In Ontario, Survives Bear Attack (VIDEO)

A 65-year-old Canadian man learned last week that even in the middle of the woods, you might not find peace in the bathroom.

Gord Shurvell was camping and fishing with a friend in Northern Ontario last weekend when a black bear pulled him from an outhouse, reported CBC. Shurvell told reporters, "So I'm kicking at him to get away, but he grabbed my pants and that gotch that were down around my ankles. And that was the start of it, and he just kept coming."

When Shurvell went to use the outhouse, the Winnipeg Free Press reports he "left the door open because I was enjoying the view, and I was so happy, I waited 12 months for this day," he explained.

Clawing at his back and shoulder, the bear dragged Shurvell into the brush. His friend Daniel Alexander came quickly with a gun and shot the bear as it turned away from Shurvell. Alexander told CBC, "The bear was down on all fours, with his head was down. And as soon as he done that, that's when I shot him, right in the head. Thank God that that bear turned."

According to CBC, Shurvell was released from the hospital after receiving "scratches on his head, neck and arms, as well as a puncture in the back of his head." He has since returned home to Winnipeg.

Shurvell and his friend may have been in a remote section of Ontario, but as Born Free USA notes, "As human development progressively encroaches on wildlife habitat, conflicts between wildlife and people increase."

Although a firearm saved Shurvell from the attack, it might not be the best defense in every situation. A recent study from the University of Calgary suggets that individuals using bear spray during grizzly encounters are more likely to walk away unharmed than those who use firearms.



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