05/24/2012 06:57 pm ET Updated May 25, 2012

HUFFPOST FUNDRACE -- Bain Attacks Ruffle Wall Street Donor Feathers

The New York Times looks at the risks associated with attacking Mitt Romney's work at Bain Capital. The risks being offending Wall Street campaign donors: "Debates over how much to blame — and regulate — Wall Street have stoked tensions between Democrats and the financial industry ever since Mr. Obama took office amid a financial crisis. But now Mr. Obama is leveraging his bully pulpit and advertising dollars to argue that Mr. Romney’s career as a successful financial executive exhibited values that are not those of a good president. In doing so, he has not only drawn criticism from allies like Steven L. Rattner, the investor and former adviser on the auto industry, and Cory A. Booker, the mayor of Newark and a favorite of New York’s hedge fund world. Mr. Obama may also be testing a bond first formed by Bill Clinton, who persuaded much of his party’s elite that Democrats could be both populist and friendly to Wall Street. ...At stake are not only a political and policy relationship Democrats have nurtured over decades with the financial services industry, but the millions of dollars in campaign cash that have come with it. Already this year, securities and investment firms have given Republicans 59 percent of their donations, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, the party’s highest share since the center began tabulating campaign money. Mr. Obama has raised millions of dollars on Wall Street, but far less than he did four years ago."

Slate's Dave Weigel asks why big progressive donors aren't funding super PACs to support progressive candidates in primaries to make the Democratic Party more to their liking as conservative groups like Club for Growth and FreedomWorks have done. He writes, "[W]hat if you’re a liberal who wants to primary a wimpy Democrat? Not as easy. Imagine if a liberal billionaire wanted to seed some PAC—call it the 'Club for Socialism,' maybe—and hunt for prey. Maybe he could buy into Hawaii’s U.S. Senate primary between the progressive Rep. Mazie Hirono and the pro-Iraq War former Rep. Ed Case. Maybe California, where Sen. Dianne Feinstein—an icon of liberal betrayal ever since she was serving with Harvey Milk—had $4.7 million lifted from her war chest by a con artist. But there’s no big liberal money available for that. Progressive tycoons exist, but they are reluctant even to give to President Obama’s network. They’re not interested in purifying the Democratic Party. It’s a little hard to tell what they are interested in."

Realtors are dumping big money through their super PAC to support Rep. Gary Miller (R-Calif.) in his bid to win election in a newly redrawn district, reports iWatch News.

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel returned $105,000 in campaign contributions that are the subject of an FBI investigation into possible conduit contributions.

Both the Romney and Obama campaigns support a proposal awaiting Federal Election Commission approval to allow campaign contributions via text message.

Donald Trump is talking about starting a super PAC.

A Democratic super PAC is targeting Mitt Romney in Arizona by tying him to Gov. Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

This is a pretty bizarre campaign ad.

Bloomberg profiles college student turned super PAC funder John Ramsey.

A new study says that state capitals in remote areas have a higher rate of corruption than those located in more populated areas like cities.


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Committee: Mitt Romney for President
Spot (English Language): "Day One, Part Two"
Spot (Spanish Language): "Dia Uno, Parte Dos"
Market: Unknown.
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Committee: MoveOn.org
Candidate Opposed: Mitt Romney
Spot: "Why Bain Matters"
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Committee: David Dewhurst for Senate
Featured: Mike Huckabee
Spot: "He's Done It"
Market: Texas.
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Committee: U.S. Chamber for Commerce
Candidate Supported: John Brunner
Spot: "John Brunner - Missouri Senate"
Market: Missouri.
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Committee: Claire McCaskill for Senate
Spot: "Always Remember"
Market: Missouri.
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Committee: Beto O'Rourke for Congress
Candidate Opposed: Silvestre Reyes
Spot: "Who Does Reyes Work For?"
Market: Texas' 16th District.
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Committee: Tom Barrett for Governor
Candidate Opposed: Scott Walker
Spot: "Answers"
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These numbers represent spending by independent groups, like super PACs and non-profits, to support or oppose a particular candidate in 2012. Fundrace will update this spending daily to help show which candidates are gaining from the proliferation of independent groups in this coming election.

Presidential Race:
Mitt Romney (R), $7,327,516 to support, $12,382,717 to oppose.
Barack Obama (D), $491,730 to support, $1,291,098 to oppose. (Oppose: +$267)

Most Outside Spending for Congressional Candidates:
IN-Senate: Richard Mourdock (R), $1,421,987 to support, $1,278,762 to oppose.
TX-Senate: David Dewhurst (R), $363,000 to support, $2,257,068 to oppose.
TX-Senate: Ted Cruz (R), $821,246 to support, $1,691,841 to oppose.
IN-Senate: Dick Lugar (R), $208,628 to support, $1,671,841 to oppose.
OR-01: Rob Cornilles (R), $98,051 to support, $1,219,148 to oppose.


Liberty For All Super PAC, $24,315 to support Thomas Massie for Congress in Kentucky's 4th District.
Progressive Kick Independent Expenditures, $12,553 to oppose Scott Peters for Congress in California's 52nd District.
Progressive Kick Independent Expenditures, $24,539 to oppose Michelle Lujan Grisham for Congress in New Mexico's 1st District.
Progressive Kick Independent Expenditures, $16,989 to support Eric Griego for Congress in New Mexico's 1st District.
Harvey R. Farish, $1,152 to support Ted Cruz for Senate in Texas.
Women Vote!, $14,979 to support Julia Brownley for Congress in California's 26th District.
National Rifle Association of America Political Victory Fund, $267 to oppose Barack Obama for Presdient.
Campaign for Primary Accountability, $19,905 to oppose Ralph Hall for Congress in Texas' 4th District.
American Crossroads, $33,084 to oppose Ron Barber for Congress in Arizona's 8th District.
iCPurple, $27,403 to support Chad Conduit for Congress in California's 10th District.
iCPurple, $6,425 to support Linda Parks for Congress in California's 26th District.
FreedomWorks for America, $10,350 to oppose Orrin Hatch for Senate in Utah.
FreedomWorks for America, $10,000 to support Dan Llijenquist for Senate in Utah.
Inland Empire Taxpayers for Jobs, $18953 to support Bob Dutton for Congress in California's 31st District.
Conservatives Acting Together, $32,000 to support Michael Williams for Congress in Texas' 25th District.
American Action Network, $20,153 to support Jesse Kelly for Congress in Arizona's 8th District.


Constitutional PAC, Tempe, Ariz., Treasurer: Harley Davidson Borgais. (Super PAC)

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