05/24/2012 02:51 am ET Updated May 24, 2012

'Man-Eating Super Croc': Special Features Never-Before-Seen Footage Of 20-Foot Crocodile (VIDEO)

A legendary beast in a Filipino fishing community captured headlines when it reportedly killed and ate two of the villagers. On the Monster Week special "Man-Eating Super Croc" (Wed., 8 p.m. ET on Animal Planet), viewers were treated to never-before-seen footage of the beast as it was captured and transported to a sanctuary they'd constructed for it.

After capture, the monster was measured at greater than 20 feet in length and more than 2,000 pounds. But perhaps more significantly, the crocodile was innocent. Experts pumped the crocodile's stomach and found no evidence of human remains. This crocodile didn't eat any villagers.

But the drama wasn't over, as the villagers saw a second crocodile that appeared to be even larger than the one they'd captured. Perhaps this was the real killer. Maybe this croc's story will be spotlighted in a new special for next year's Monster Week.

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