05/24/2012 01:35 pm ET

Memorial Day Brings Out The Worst American Flag Fashion (PHOTOS)

In the fashion world, Memorial Day means the return of white clothing, sundresses and beachy hair (if you're lucky enough to escape to the shore). But there are those who embrace another type of Memorial Day style: American flag fashion.

Now we're using the term "fashion" very loosely. But we've been to the Jersey shore enough to know that American flag-as-fashion is indeed a category of apparel, one embraced by Coachella hipsters and barbecuing dads alike.

There are plenty of styles to go around, lest you think you were limited to Old Navy's yearly $5 "Famous Flag" tees. Urban Outfitters, for one, is rife with stars and stripes, sending out a promotional email today with a roundup of "American Spirit" (read: American Flag Fashion™) products.

Since we're sure you are in vacation mode already, we've done the work to round up the best (read: worst) in American Flag Fashion™ from Urban Outfitters to the depths of e-commerce world (spoiler alert: we found some very patriotic pasties). And with Memorial Day Weekend just 24 hours away, it's time to get shopping!

Check it out below -- anything here you'll be purchasing?

American Flag "Fashion"