05/24/2012 03:53 pm ET Updated May 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Offering Donors The Chance To Dine With Donald Trump

Mitt Romney is bringing in the Donald for fundraising.

The former Massachusetts governor is offering those who donate at least $3 a chance in a raffle, with the prize being a meal with Romney and the real estate mogul who endorsed him.

The winners also will have the opportunity to stay at Trump's hotel in New York and tour the "Celebrity Apprentice" boardroom.

Trump beat the drum for President Barack Obama to release his birth certificate. Following the public release of Obama's long-form document, Trump has continued to voice doubts about it.

And Trump has disagreed with Mitt Romney over the spartan Paul Ryan budget plan, with the presumptive GOP nominee praising it and Trump calling it a "disaster." Trump elaborated on his criticism on Thursday in an interview with conservative outlet Newsmax, claiming it's "very dangerous for the Republicans." Trump cited the 2011 special election of Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.), who won in a Republican-dominated district by hammering her opponent over the plan.

Romney isn't the only one to offer donors a chance to chow down with a celebrity. President Barack Obama's campaign has offered the chance for donors to dine with Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney.

Trump is also appearing with Newt Gingrich at a May 29 Romney fundraiser at the Trump Towers in Las Vegas. It wasn't immediately clear whether the three would offer a donor the chance to dine together at a buffet.