05/24/2012 01:26 pm ET

Mummified Body Found In Blue Island House

Police found the mummified remains of a Blue Island, Ill. man in his home during what may have been their second well-being check since his death.

Police were first called to the two-story home on West 141st Place "at least six months ago" by Ebony Beck, a postal worker who became concerned when mail began piling up at the 70-year-old man's address, according to CBS Chicago. She says she was there when police knocked on the door, checked for an unlocked entry and then left, and told the station she "thought that they should have done more than that."

On Tuesday, police returned to the Blue Island house and found mummified human remains, ABC Chicago reports.

Police have not formally identified the individual, but the medical examiner's office says he died from arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, according to the Chicago Tribune. Police have notified relatives, who describe him as a loner and said they haven't seen or heard from him for at least five months.

A neighbor who has lived next door for 40 years told the Chicago Sun-Times that the house's resident was Eugene Davis, which public records confirm.

"He was a very friendly man. We used to talk in the yard,” Osborne told the newspaper. “He grew up in that house.”