05/24/2012 05:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2012

Nick DiChairia Trick Shot Video: BB&N Football Player Shows Off Long Snapping Talent (VIDEO)

At first glance, long snapping might seem like the most specific act in all of football. Throwing, catching and running are all things that can be used away from the game. Even tackling could come in handy on occasion. But when would long snapping ever happen away from the field?

High school senior Nick DiChiara of the BB&N Knights in Cambridge, Mass. has answered that question.

DiChiara stars in a trick shot video displaying his pin-point accuracy when snapping a football from a distance. Need a hand closing a locker? Not a problem for DiChaira. Denying a layup attempt from half-court? Piece of cake.

DiChaira, an All-Scholastic linebacker, recently committed to attending Colgate University, according to the Boston Herald. Whether or not he will have the chance to display his snaps on the college level is unknown. But if not, perhaps he can join Johnny McEntee at UConn to create the ultimate football trick shot video ever.

If long snapping trick shot videos are as entertaining to you as they are to us, here's another one.