05/25/2012 08:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Dreaming Of Quitting Your Job? This Fearless Woman Did It! (VIDEO)

Melissa Lanz was a powerhouse businesswoman who worked so much that she was living on frozen burritos and getting home too late to eat dinner with her husband and sons. One day, her boss offered her a business trip to Germany and Switzerland that she only had 48 hours to plan for. It wasn't enough notice for her to arrange care for her two toddlers. When she turned down the trip and told him the reason, her boss stared at her and said, "You have kids?!" For Melissa, that was a wake-up call: She wasn't happy and wasn't living the life she wanted.

Without another career opportunity on the horizon, Melissa decided to quit her job; she took time to figure out what really made her happy and to brainstorm how she could enrich her family and her own life with something that was authentic to her. She soon realized that her favorite room in her house was the kitchen, and that all she wanted to do was cook with fresh and healthy ingredients, all the while spending time with her family. And that's how Melissa's company, "The Fresh 20", was born. She poured everything into her business and has since grown it into a successful online company. She put all fear aside to follow her heart, all the while believing in the concept of what she calls "heart-core business." Her fearlessness has led her to a fulfilled and happy career -- and a much more balanced life.

Three fearless lessons that Melissa learned that you can try yourself:

1) Take fear out of the equation and be very honest about what you're doing and whether or not it's making you happy. Are the good things outweighing the bad things? If not, brainstorm solutions that are authentic to you.

2) Start by taking small risks. You don't have to quit your job; instead, you can begin pursuing your endeavor on the side and grow it slowly.

3) Utilize your network of friends, family, colleagues and connections. Creative collaborations are what make small businesses grow into large ones.

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