05/25/2012 02:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2012

'Hemingway And Gellhorn' Sex Scenes: Nicole Kidman And Clive Owen Joke About Director's Obsession (VIDEO)

Nicole Kidman and Clive Owens' new HBO movie “Hemingway & Gellhorn” may be focused on the famous American author's relationship with fellow war correspondent Martha Gellhorn, but it spends a good amount of time exploring their life in the bedroom. The movie doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering some sultry sex scenes, and as Kidman and Owen explained on “Good Morning America” (weekdays, 7 a.m. ET on ABC) that is not an accident. Director Philip Kaufman was fixated on the film's sex scenes.

"Everyone knows that Phil loves a good sex scene, and I have to be honest, he talked about nothing else for quite some time before we started filming. We kept having to tell him, 'Phil, there's a lot of other scenes before that scene,'" Owen quipped.

"It's true, we did. I said, 'Phil's obsessed with that scene,'" Kidman chimed in.

Kidman echoed similar sex scene sentiments in an interview with W Magazine. "The sexual attraction between them was powerful. I kept asking Phil Kaufman, the director, “Is all this sex ­important for the story?” I wanted to make sure he wasn’t just getting off. But these were two people who could make love when a building was falling down around them. They had passion."

"Hemingway & Gellhorn" premieres Monday, May 28 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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