05/25/2012 05:50 pm ET

John Slattery Talks Roger Sterling's 'Mad Men' Tripping Scene (VIDEO)

Mad Men” star John Slattery stopped by "The View" (weekdays on ABC) and discussed his character Roger Sterling's LSD trip in the drama's "Far Away Places" episode.

Barbara Walters complimented Slattery's acting in the tripping scene and coyly asked, “How did you know how to do this?" Slattery was quick to predict where the conversation was going, and replied, “Are you asking me if I have ever done LSD?”

Walters declared, “I wasn't. But you can answer that.” The actor came clean about his own personal history with psychedelics ... sort of. “Nah…I did my share of experimenting when I was a kid, but even if I was told it was LSD, it probably wasn’t,” he said.

In a video from AMC, “Mad Men" creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner explained how Sterling’s trip was a significant turning point for the character: the trip represented the first time Sterling has been able to experience true empathy.

Slattery also spilled a few "Mad Men" trade secrets. Those cigarettes they're constantly smoking aren't real: they're herbal cigarettes, which they use because it's illegal to smoke inside in Los Angeles, where the show is filmed. Slattery quipped that they smell like a “combination of weed and fertilizer.”

“Mad Men” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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