05/25/2012 04:33 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2012

Random Dancing 'Outliers'

John Sides considers polls showing a substantial increase in support for gay marriage.

Alan Abramowitz examines Obama's approval rating and sees a close race coming.

Gallup's editors share ten insights into the presidential election.

Jon McHenry interprets the gender gap.

Clifford Young and colleagues investigate why Ipsos approval ratings differ from those asked by other pollsters.

Nate Silver predicts Walker will survive the recall.

Marc Caputo considers the Florida polls, demographics and "partisan whining."

David Hill finds Republicans feeling poor and resentful.

First Read breaks down the party registration numbers in the Marist and Quinnipiac Florida polls.

Doug Schwarts answers critics of the Quinnipiac Florida poll.

Mark Mellman rages at the Forum's North Dakota Senate poll.

Andrew Kohut talks to Brian Lehrer about how to conduct accurate polling in an era of single digit response rates.

Sasha Issenberg reports on the controlled experimentation at the heart of the Obama campaign.

Frank Newport dives deep into data on Jewish and Mormon voters.

Matt Dodson and Chris Kirk share mapped data on census response rates.

Jon Cohen discovers fake Washington Post polls in Mexico.

John Markoff reports on troves of social media data forbidden to researchers.

Daniel Webster (R-Fla.) needs a lesson in statistics (via Lundry)*

*Random Dancing?