05/25/2012 12:40 pm ET

Teen Drinking and Drug Use Study Links Loud Music And Risky Behaviors (POLL)

Whoever coined the phrase "sex, drugs and rock n' roll," may have been onto something: According to a new study conducted by researchers in The Netherlands, teenagers who love blasting music from their iPods are apparently more likely than others to smoke marijuana, while teens who prefer to listen to loud music at concerts and clubs are more likely than others to binge drink and have sex without a condom. However, this correlation does not necessarily mean the actions are explicitly connected.

"These risk-taking behaviors do go together, but listening to loud music does not cause drug use and drug use does not cause loud-music listening," Valerie Stratton, an associate professor emerita of psychology at Penn State Altoona, told CBS 8. Stratton was not involved in the study.

So, what do you think? Is there any truth to these findings -- and do you and your friends listen to music on full-blast? Share your thoughts by taking the poll below and tweet @HuffPostTeen!