05/26/2012 03:00 pm ET

Thad McCotter May Not Appear On Michigan Primary Ballot After Falling Short On Valid Signatures

Thad McCotter, a former GOP presidential hopeful and the U.S. Representative to Michigan's 11th congressional district, may not have turned in enough signatures to qualify for the Aug. 7 Republican primary in his suburban Detroit district.

The Michigan state elections bureau found McCotter did not have 1,000 valid signatures. Though McCotter turned in the maximum allowed signatures, issues with duplicate signatures could keep McCotter from making the primary ballot, the Detroit Free Press reports.

McCotter posted a press release to his Twitter Friday night addressing the situation:

“I have been apprised my campaign may have submitted insufficient petition signatures to appear on the August primary ballot as a candidate for the 11th Congressional District's Republican nomination.

Fully respecting the accuracy and integrity of the Secretary of State's office, we will thoroughly review our petition signatures for their sufficiency or insufficiency.

Out of respect for Memorial Day, an announcement of our findings will be made public on Tuesday.”

Despite the potential mishap, Michigan Republican Party spokesman Matt Frendewey seems to be confident Republicans can keep McCotter's conservative spot.

“We are certain to control this seat,” Frendeway said. “We’re confident in that.”

McCotter made headlines in July 2011 when he launched a longshot bid for the Republican presidential nomination. After struggling to raise money and having a poor showing in the August Ames Straw Poll, McCotter terminated his campaign efforts in September 2011.

To view the McCotter's press release on the ballot situation, click here.