05/28/2012 12:03 pm ET Updated May 29, 2012

Pregnant Woman Kidnapped, Set On Fire, Shot, And Is Expected To Survive

A pregnant woman is expected to survive after being bound, kidnapped, set on fire and shot.

22-year-old Latonya Bowman was dropping off her ex-boyfriend, who is allegedly the father of her unborn child, at the home of his new girlfriend in Warren, Michigan on Saturday morning. The garage door suddenly closed, and an unknown attacker put a gun to Bowman's head and bound her hands, feet, mouth, and eyes with duct tape, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Though Bowman didn't see her attacker, she reported a male voice telling her "you know why this is happening," before he alluded to her pregnancy, according to the Daily Mail.

The assailant forced the 9-months-pregnant woman into the back seat of a car and drove her to an abandoned alley in Detroit. He then poured lighter fluid on her and set her on fire. When Bowman attempted to roll on the ground to put out the flames, the attacker fired two gunshots -- with one bullet hitting her in the back.

The courageous woman played dead, and when her attacker fled, she freed herself from the duct tape. The attacker had left the car at the scene, so she was able to drive to a nearby gas station to call for help, the Detroit Free Press reported.

An ultrasound showed that the baby survived and is in good health. Bowman is recovering from burns to the back and head, and is listed in serious condition at the hospital, according to WXYZ. The bullet did not cause any serious injury.

Bowman says her ex-boyfriend witnessed the kidnapping and did nothing to help. However, he claims to have been sleeping and says he had no idea the attack took place. Police took him into custody as a person of interest, according to ABC News.

Investigators cited the man not wanting another child as a possible motive. A second unidentified man has also been identified as a suspect.

Editor's Note: This story has been updated to include the name of Latonya Bowman, which was withheld at the time of publication.