05/28/2012 10:57 am ET Updated May 28, 2012

Denise Vasi, ‘Single Ladies' Star, On Kissing William Levy: 'It Was Exactly Everything That You Imagine' (EXCLUSIVE)

When “Single Ladies" returns for a second season tonight (9/8c on VH1), Stacey Dash (the show’s half-Mexican star in season one) will be replaced by Denise Vasi, who is best known for her role as Randi Hubbard on the popular daytime soap, “All My Children.”

Vasi, who's also Latina, spoke exclusively to The Huffington Post about her new 'Single Ladies" character, told us what it's like replacing Dash for the show's second season, and told us what it was like to make out with Cuban telenovela hunk, William Levy, who plays her character's love interest on the show!

Tell us about your character, Raquel!
Raquel’s relationship with Keisa (LisaRaye McCoy) is long-standing. They’ve been best friends forever. We just didn’t see Raquel on the first season because her busy career had her traveling, and when we meet Raquel in episode one, it's supposed to be the happiest day of her life and it turns out to be the worst day. But it’s one of those things where something bad happens, but something greater comes out of it. And, it propels Raquel into this journey and that’s what the whole season is basically about for her—rediscovering who she is and what she wants.

What do you love most about playing Raquel?
She doesn’t have to throw any of her physical-ness in front of anyone, because there are so many things about her outside of that that are attractive, that you just kind of fall in love with the character. It has been super fun to keep discovering who she is.

Does Raquel know Val (Stacey Dash)?
We didn’t really get into that in the writing. I mean, you’ll quickly understand where Val is and that she’s not coming back. And, we don’t really discuss the fact of Raquel and Val having or not having a relationship. But because my job as an actor is to make these kinds of decisions—because she was one of Keisha’s best frineds and I have been one of Keisha’s best friends—I think they obviously know each other.

Is it a lot of pressure coming onto a show in its second season?
The fact that I wasn’t recast to play the same character—I think things would have been different had that been the situation. But as an actor, it’s kind of a relief when you come on a show that you already know is a success.They have a built-in audience and the show is written in a certain way that the fans will keep coming back regardless. No one likes change, so I think at first everyone was very doubtful or super critical, but I hope that they’re going to fall in love with Raquel the same way I have fallen in love with playing her.

We know William Levy plays your love interest on "Single Ladies." What was it like making out with him?
It was exactly everything that you imagine. I heard William was cast and obviously I knew who he was—I know now everyone in America knows who he is—but I knew who he was because I called my grandmother and my grandmother was like, “ay dios mio, William!” We knew him from the telenovelas.

Do you think people will enjoy their relationship?

I think so. It's really sweet. His character Antonio was my character Raquel's first love and first sexual partner—she lost her virginity to him—so there’s something really sweet about them reconnecting. But you know, the minute they do it's very sexy and hot {Laughs}.

A lot of people may not know this about you, but in addition to being Greek, you’re also Puerto Rican and Dominican. Do people know you’re Latina when they meet you?
If they know who I am...I’ve always been pretty vocal in talking about my culture, because as you can imagine, coming with that kind of background, it’s really important to be prond of where you’re from. I think initially people…I get a lot of ‘are you Portugese or Brazilian?’ I think people don’t know exactly where I’m from. I am Puerto Rican, Dominican, Greek from Brooklyn! {Laughs}.


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