05/29/2012 05:16 pm ET

Apple iPhone 5 Photos: Is This The Next Generation's Frame? (VIDEO)

New potential images of Apple's iPhone 5 have hit the web to the fanfare of techies everywhere.

Apple-centric blog 9to5Mac obtained the first images of the back portion of what is rumored to be the next generation in the iPhone's family.

See the video above for the full breakdown of the photos.

Looking at the photos provided by iPhone repair company iFixyouri, it appears several major changes are on the rise for iPhone owners. Instead of a glass back plate, the back of the iPhone 5 will be metal and two-toned. The frame is also larger, supporting the rumor that the iPhone 5 screen will be larger at 3.999 inches.

As for the functionality, the front-facing camera has moved above the ear piece, centering it on the front of the phone. On the backside, there is a new hole in between spaces for the camera lens and the flash. 9to5Mac speculates that this could be the spot for a second microphone, enabling higher quality sound for videos. The headphone jack also appears on the bottom of the frame, as compared to the top.

iFixyouri sent the photos along the pipeline after recently adding the part to their catalog of replacement parts. Whether or not the speculations are true is still anyone's guess, but the photographed part appears to fit many of the Apple rumors that have been circulating.

Click over to 9to5Mac to see the photos for yourself.

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