05/29/2012 10:48 am ET

Joe Scarborough Praises Joe Biden For Memorial Day Speech (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough heaped more love onto Joe Biden on Tuesday's "Morning Joe," praising the vice-president's deeply personal speech over the Memorial Day weekend.

Speaking to the families of fallen troops on Friday, Biden recalled the painful loss of his first wife and baby daughter in a car accident in 1972. He recounted his grief in wake of the tragedy — admitting that he had even pondered thoughts of suicide — and told listeners that the darkness would someday lift.

On Tuesday, Scarborough cited someone else's description of Biden's remarks as the "heartfelt, most moving political speech" he had ever witnessed, and proceeded to praise the vice-president himself. "This is why Joe Biden is Joe Biden," he said.

"Exactly. We talk about loving him, and this is why," co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed. "We really respect his contribution to his country, because nobody could deliver the message he delivered on Friday."

Scarborough said that Biden was different from other politicians who fake empathy for grieving family members. "Here's Joe Biden doing it not for political reasons, but for very personal reasons to explain to these people I understand your pain and today as we start the Memorial Day weekend, let me talk to you about how you heal again," he said.

The MSNBC host has professed his admiration for the vice-president before. He recently praised Biden for delivering a fiery speech about his working-class roots on the campaign trail.