05/29/2012 01:28 pm ET Updated May 29, 2012

Mitt Romney In Craig, Colorado, To Campaign On Economic And Energy Policies (VIDEO)

On the same day Mitt Romney expects to formally clinch the Republican presidential nomination, the candidate will first make a pit stop in Craig, Colorado.

Why Craig? Though home to about 10,000 people (and decent elk hunting, writes 9News), the city served as a backdrop for the production of "The Perfect Storm Over Craig, Colorado," a film touting the positive impacts of coal and a community's reliance on the industry.

(Watch the video, below)

Craig resident and hotel owner Frank Moe, featured prominently in the video, sent a copy to the Romney campaign earlier this year. "We [thought] this would be a good place for him to make the point that he is [in favor of] all forms of energy," Moe explained to the Craig Daily Press.

The video was produced by Energy for America, which is comprised of The American Energy Alliance and the Institute for Energy Research.

Colorado Pols states the groups are "largely funded" by the oil and gas industry, including the Koch Brothers. The Denver Post adds that both groups have spent millions on ads across the country, including Colorado.

And Colorado should expect to see a lot more of Romney in the future, if polling data released today by Project New America is correct. According to the poll, Colorado voters favor Obama over Romney 48-44%. The firm attributes the 4-point lead to strong support among female, unaffiliated, and Hispanic voters.

Among unaffiliated voters, Project New America found Obama leading 57-30%. "Colorado elections are won among unaffiliated voters, mostly in the suburbs of Denver." Said Jill Hanauer, President of Project New America, in a press release. "Mitt Romney has a steep hill to climb with this group."

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